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  About company

Founded in September 1997, TNS Central Asia, is a leading company specializing in the area of research of mass media and advertising, as well as marketing research in Kazakhstan. Its founders are Russian research companies Gallup Media and Gallup AdFact, and Social and Marketing Research Agency Brif Central Asia.

On January 30, 2001 a major research group Taylor Nelson Sofres signed an agreement on acquisition of 100% shares of MDC Gallup group of companies. From that moment TNS Central Asia has become an integrated part of global network of TNS - one of the leaders on the research market, occupying first place in Europe and third place in the world.

TNS is an independent research company successfully realizing its projects in 80 countries in Europe, America and South-Eastern Asia. Over 6 thousand people work for the company with the head office of TNS based in London.

Being a part of the Taylor Nelson Sofres group of companies, TNS Central Asia has benefits of access to the latest informational products and the most up-to date marketing techniques. Today on the market of Kazakhstan TNS Central Asia introduces modern techniques of consumer research that include tracking and multi-media studies, Consumer Panel, Optima, Conversion Mode, NeedScope, EmployeeScore, AdEval.

TNS Central Asia offers a logical system of informational support to advertising business as well. This system includes database obtained from several monitoring studies, such as Readership audience in Kazakhstan (or National Readership Survey - NRS), Radio Index, TV Index, ADEX.

Existing information database of TNS Central Asia, accumulated during many years, is able to provide the foundation for strategic decision-making in business, and its continuous updating will assist to timely react to changes occurring on the market in time.

Having an opportunity to apply highly advanced technologies in its studies, TNS Central Asia develops professional knowledge not only in the industry of advertising , mass-media and marketing of products and services but also rather new directions for the Kazakhstani market, such as strategic planning and the analysis of the marketing information. Experts of the company constantly participate in professional conferences and seminars offered by TNS University on new techniques in marketing and media research.

Conducting its own research projects, TNS Central Asia uses research network of the Agency BRIF, and also the computerized system of telephone surveying (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing - CATI) - Bellview.


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TNS Central Asia Company by request of the United Industrial Committee performs the calculation of the TV channels audience, the results of these calculations are used in daily work by both program and commercial sections of TV channels. In detail...

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